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If you’re in need of a qualified Woodhaven Electrical contractor who will show up at the right time. Who also comes with a fair price, then look no more. Consider your Electrical issues dealt with. Our business has just over twenty years experience.

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“We Provide Electrical Installations, Upgrades, Maintenance and more!”

Experienced tradesman dealing with your Electrical problems in no time!

You know it is a challenege to get proper service. You’re either left waiting with an appointment that never shows up or comes late because “insert random tradesmen excuse you’ve heard before”.

Poor work from the contractor. Parts needed for the work are missing. Issue, after problem, after issue. Two Brothers Electrical is the total opposite! We want you to tell your friends about how fantastic your experience was with us! We are want to exceed your expectations.

When the job is finished you will be so glad you chose Two Brothers Electrical. This is how our customers always feel if you chat with them.

Since the the early 2000s we’ve been providing the most exceptional electrical contracting services. From simple Electrical wiring and electrical repair, to lighting installation, commercial and industrial work, electrical panel repair and more. We do anything and everything you need done. And we have fair pricing and a top-shelf service.

Electrical contractor services Woodhaven

What We Provide

The art electrical installations that provide all the necessary electrical solutions to suit your business, home or industrial premises.

electric service and maintenance

Two Brothers Electrical are able to service your entire electrical infrastructure from small jobs to full scale commercial operations.

Electrical safety assessments

We provide impeccable safety assessments for both commercial and residential. Our adept and skilled electricians are the best in the industry.

security systems

Looking for more security? We can help get you set with a state of the art security system for your home or business.

switchboard upgrades

Accurate switchboard installations and upgrades. We have mastered the trade of electrical switchboard upgrades.

Surge protector
Do you want to protect your entire home from a power surge? It’s possible. It will save your appliances and make your home much safer.

If it's anything to do with Electricity we cover it!

Light fixture installation

landscaping lighting service

interior lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Recessed light

flush lighting

LED lighting

Pendant light

Surge protector

Ceiling fan installation

outlet installation

Full home Electrical wiring

Circuit breaker installation

cloth insulated - wiring replacement

GFI/GFCI electrical outlets

grounding electrical service

security lighting

Smoke detector installation

electrical troubleshooting

Knob-and-tube wiring replacement

We can help with anything listed above and more.


What People Think About Us

Over the years we have serviced thousands of homes and businesses all over Woodhaven. Here is what our customers say about us.

Our customers love us!

What Our Customers Say

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Electrical Wiring And Re-Wiring Experts

Two Brothers Electrcial can help
with simple and complex wiring
and re-wiring projects.

Whole House Generator Installation & Maintenance

Two Brothers Electrcial can help
install and maintain various types
of generators for your home.

Electrical Panel Installs & Upgrades

Two Brothers Electrcial can help
install or upgrade an electrical
panel for your home or business.

What do we do?

If it's Electrical, we do it...

Two Brothers Electrical Fair Pricing Policy

Our Pricing

What do we charge? Is our pricing fair? We think so!

We consider our pricing to be fair. You just need to ask any of our repeat customers that have come back to us since we started in early 2000s. So what will we charge? Well, that’s impossible to list on our website. Every job is different. From simple lighting work to custom and complex commercial wiring.

The best thing to do is to call us on (516) 846-4100 for a quote and one of our friendly team will be happy to assist you.

Our service areas also includes Howard Beach, Ridgewood, Middle Village, Forest Hills, Briarwood, Jamaica, Ozone Park, Richmond Hill, Brownsville and Stuyvesant Heights.

Two Brothers Electrical
80-34 87th Rd, Queens, NY 11421
(516) 846-4100

Woodhaven, NY

About Woodhaven, NY

Woodhaven is a neighborhood in the southwestern section of the New York City borough of Queens. It is bordered on the north by Park Lane South and Forest Park, on the east by Richmond Hill, on the south by Ozone Park and Atlantic Avenue, and on the west by the Cypress Hills neighborhood of Brooklyn.Woodhaven, once known as Woodville, has one of the greatest tree populations in the borough and is known for its proximity to the hiking trails of Forest Park. Woodhaven contains a mixture of urban and suburban land uses, with both low-density residential and commercial sections. It retains the small-town feel of bygone days and is home to people of many different ethnicities.Woodhaven is located in Queens Community District 9 and its ZIP Code is 11421. It is patrolled by the New York City Police Department's 102nd Precinct. Politically, Woodhaven is represented by the New York City Council's 28th, 30th, and 32nd Districts. == History == Jamaica Avenue, the neighborhood's main thoroughfare, has its beginnings in an ancient Native American trail, the Old Rockaway Trail. The northern boundary of the Rockaway territory was the terminal moraine of the Wisconsin glacier, which formed the ridges of Forest Park. According to the New York City Parks Department, Forest Park was inhabited by the Rockaway and Lenape Native Americans "until the Dutch West India Company settled the area in 1635." Native Americans in the area used the arrowwood stems prevalent in Forest Park for arrow shafts.European settlement in Woodhaven began in the mid-18th century as a small town that revolved around farming, with the Ditmar, Lott, Wyckoff, Suydam and Snediker families. British troops successfully flanked General George Washington's Continental Army by a silent night-march from Gravesend, Brooklyn through the lightly defended "Jamaica Pass" actually located in Brooklyn, to win the Battle of Long Island, Queens—the largest battle of the American Revolutionary War, and the first battle after the Declaration of Independence.

Woodhaven, NY



    Tommy Brown

    Excellent!!!! I asked Two Brothers Electrical to install two exterior lights for me. They arrived on the agreed-upon day and hour, and both lads with him were very polite and competent. They did a wonderful job for the amount we agreed on over the phone. I was so thrilled that I asked them to return twice since! Each job has been of exceptional quality. Wonderful company who I would HIGHLY suggest to everyone! It's difficult to find honest and dependable electricians these days, and they check all the criteria! If someone reading this needs an electrician in Woodhaven use this company.

    Andrew Myers

    We had a kitchen ceiling light fixture that wouldn't turn on, and changing the light bulb didn't solve the problem. I called Two Brothers Electrical, and they dispatched a technician to fix it. I expected the worker to dismantle the light fixture, but instead he removed the plate from the outlet switch and replaced the wires or contacts. He added that because the kitchen ceiling light fixture had recently been replaced, it was probably fine. Instead, he explained that the outlet contact information needed to be changed as well. So he got that fixed a short time later, and the light fixture functioned perfectly. If you want any electrical work, please contact Two Brothers Electrical of Woodhaven. You'll be in excellent company.

    Silvia Brooks

    The electrician arrived masked and with his feet covered, and he was very respectful of our home. He was extremely knowledgeable and did an excellent job. I found Two Brothers Electrical to be extremely easy to work with. You call, and you can take pictures and video of your job and text it to them, and they will send you an email with a quote that you can pay for online. Everything was great, and the work was spotless.

    Kathleen Gray

    The technician arrived on time and provided a detailed pricing estimate that was quite competitive. We needed a EV car charger installed and some lighting done that required wires to be moved around. They were prepared to do the task right away without having to go out and buy the necessary materials as it was a simple job and they had what was needed in their van. So we took them up on that. The installation was completed swiftly, and the work space was left cleaner than when they came. I'm glad I went with a Two Brothers Electrical!

    Elaine Berry

    The electrician that came out was extremely down-to-earth, honest, and a pleasure to work with. I wanted him to look at my (very busted) ceiling lights, and he was more than willing to help. He provided me a few choices and offered advice after determining the source of the problem. It wasn't difficult for me to make a decision so I requested that he return to install my new lights. They were up and running in no time. He has done an excellent job! Two Brothers Electrical is a hero of a company in my book.

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